Insight on Failure and Vulnerability

I follow the Off-Coast Podcast, hosted by Mark Frank.  I took two really great insights from the recent episode with Krista Morgan of P2B Investor.

First, Krista was speaking on her practice of writing to share news and and perspective with her team, and how she makes a point of sharing her own failures and disappointments with her company.  When asked about the response she got from this difficult practice of communicating candidly with her team, Krista said:

“You don’t get a response a lot of the time. You just everyday incrementally gain their trust.”

I love this insight: because doing what’s right, even if it’s tough, usually doesn’t get recognition or thanks, especially in the short term.

Mark followed that comment with this insight about the importance of a leader being honest with their team about failure, and the role it plays.

“Speaking about failure is the first way to let people understand that is okay to fail, and that’s what’s going to happen. There’s going to be mistakes, and that’s how we get better.”

Great perspectives.

Check out the podcast here.



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