Dreams and Vulnerability

Nobody climbs a mountain by accident.

In order to successfully climb a mountain, you need to start with the dream of climbing it. You need to train and practice.  You need to get a map and the appropriate gear.  You need to make a plan, and follow it, day by day.  It’s hard and it takes time.


But all of that starts with the dream, and the actions taken as a result of that vision.

Having a dream, or having a vision that other people don’t have, takes courage and vulnerability.  You have to open yourself up to the chance of failing at something you care deeply about, to the heartbreak of setbacks and certainty of obstacles that feel insurmountable.

And living in that state of emotional vulnerability is difficult.

But the vulnerability allows you to have a dream worth working for, and the difficulty teaches you the changes you need to make to accomplish it.

So start with the vulnerability to have a courageous dream consistent with your values.  Then articulate it, clarify it, and get to work.


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