Missing the Magic

Have you ever noticed that a set of ideas can completely change your experience of a moment?

The banner of this site is one of my favorite hikes in Hawaii.  Here’s the full picture.


It’s a 6-mile walk along the coast at the base of a beautiful set of cliffs.  You can hear the waves crash as you hike.  The tip of the island is an albatross sanctuary, where these huge, graceful birds soar, swoop, and nest.  Monk seals often rest on the beach here, and you can scramble up the hillside to an old set of concrete platforms, where you can look out and see the humpback whales breaching off the coast.  And, of course, the view south to the leeward range and west out over the Pacific are incredible.

But I’ve taken friends and relatives on this hike and they’ve been completely miserable.  The sun is too bright, the walk is too long.  If you go in the afternoon you need to make your way back in the dark.  All frustrating things if it’s not what you’re expecting.

And they miss the magic of this place.

Two lessons:

-For myself, I wonder how many moments I have where I am missing an incredible experience because of my own limiting expectations or beliefs.  How often does my internal worry or discomfort hold me back from being a part of something amazing?

-More importantly: savor the places where you find delight–where you find yourself off the beaten path, love the view, and don’t mind the journey it took to find it.  Those moments are worth holding on to.


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