Two Jobs

In the training sessions that my organization gives to new leaders, we talk about having two jobs.

Job 1: Produce results, get stuff done, complete the tasks at hand. Fulfill your job description by doing the things you were hired to do. Do well.

Job 2: Create a special place. Be happy, enjoy the journey, create sustainable fun and fulfillment for your team. Make your team and your office a great place to work. Do good.

You need to do both jobs to succeed. You need to reach the finish line and enjoy the journey.

It can be so easy to forget job 2.

Worse, it often feels like a trade off. I find myself in a mindset that sees these roles in conflict. If I don’t push hard to finish this project, we won’t succeed. I need to do this, even if it’s making me unhappy.

In reality, I should keep looking for a better solution. Often, if I take a few more minutes to be more intentional, I can find a win-win. I can usually trade time for better solutions–if I’m willing to be patient, things go better.

And, as a leader, these little moments have a huge effect on my team. As long as I remember to notice and take action.

Here are a few recent examples that have made work life better for me and my team.

  • Taking small daily actions to be happy: working out, walking outside, noticing beauty
  • Intentionally looking ahead to something exciting
  • Sharing myself–who I am and what is important in my life
  • Talking about my family’s little quirks and traditions
  • Taking time off, as a manager, particularly after a busy period
  • Saying thank you, even long after the event
  • Celebrating, especially the most inexpensive ways–with a few words and inexpensive decorations

May we all take the time be better about both of our jobs. Stay encouraged!

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