Resolutions: Ambitious Dreams

I’m really enjoying the holidays this year: I find it deeply encouraging to celebrate the gratitude and joy of Christmas, followed by the reflection and goal setting of the New Year.

Because of this, I’ll be sharing thoughts on New Year’s resolutions over the next week.

The first one is this: ambitious dreams are a superpower.

I believe that laying out big goals is the first step toward exceptional achievement. As one of my mentors often says, “No one climbs a mountain by accident.” All notable accomplishments require time, effort, and perseverance. Pinning these efforts to a concrete vision makes it possible to align your work, stay focused, and keep encouraged.


There are a few reasons for this. First, the stories we tell ourselves have a huge impact on our results.  Our internal dialogue guides what we see, what we value, how we react, and how we choose.  We’ll all get more of what we want over time–so telling good stories about our dreams matters immensely.

Second, we can’t make good plans until we know what we want to achieve.  The basic elements of a plan are a goal and a timeline.  And, while we might now always follow our plan, having a plan is essential.

Third, dreaming requires courage.  Committing to something you might not achieve takes vulnerability.  It means you might fail.  More on this tomorrow.

Lastly, though we often do less than we hope in the short term, we can usually accomplish far more than we expect in the long term.  Slow and steady is consistently, vastly underrated.

So, this New Year’s, I’ll be writing down my goals and hopes and dreams for the future, on a long time horizon, in detail, sharing them, and saving them in a place I return to often.

Looking forward to it!

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