Stress + Rest = Growth

Saw this article by Brad Stulberg recently in Outside Magazine. While I thought all the principles outlined were great, I particularly appreciated the first one:

Stress + Rest = Growth

Such a simple formula, but so tough to do well. So difficult to remember as you live it.

This idea is hard enough in athletics, where you can clearly measure stress and rest, and where you can plan a detailed training schedule to progress accordingly.

In other parts of life–work, relationships, etc–navigating this balance is so much harder. And, at the same time, so much tougher to say aware of.

So, I’m remembering today…

  • To recognize and appreciate the seasons in my life, knowing that each, with it’s joys, will pass
  • To enjoy times of stress, because they are both teaching and training I can’t get elsewhere
  • To find nourishment during rest, because these moments are part of growth
  • To be patient with myself as I navigate the balance

Stay encouraged, and have a great day!

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