Weekly Highlights #4: Trail runs, feedback, self-image

Happy Wednesday!  Here’s a few reflections from the last week.

Grateful for… old friends.  I had the chance to enjoy a trail run in El Dorado Canyon State Park this week with a friend I’ve know for almost 15 years.  Great moment in an awesome weekend.

El Dorado Canyon State Park, Colorado

Reflecting on… feedback.  At work, we’re thinking about how we can have more frequent, more effective feedback as an organization.  Personally, taking feedback something I’m working on, as I’ve written about before.  I thought Adam Grant’s podcast was a great look at how to think about feedback.  Grant interviewed a Kiran Rau, manager who was ranked, publicly, as the worst of 200+ managers in his company–who said this:

“It’s just data. It’s just data, objective data about what I’m like. I would rather know how bad the bad is and how good the good is so I can do something with it.”

Two insights that I found helpful :

  • If you care more about your results than your feelings, you need to learn to love constructive feedback:  it’s the only way to get better
  • No one offers you feedback if they don’t believe can change and improve

Which leads us to….  an Ask: I’m working to improve CalmAndWork.com to be more helpful and easier to use.  If you have suggestions or feedback–I’d love to hear it: email me at CalmAndWork@gmail.com.

Quote I’m reflecting on…  from Influence: The Psychology of Persuasionby Robert Cialdini.

“You can use small commitments to manipulate a person’s self-image; you can use them to turn citizens into “public servants,” prospects into “customers,” prisoners into “collaborators.” And once you’ve got a man’s self-image where you want it, he should comply naturally with a whole range of your requests that are consistent with this view of himself.”

Or, more importantly….

“I can use small commitments to change my own self-image.  I can turn suffering into training, helplessness into creativity, drudgery into purpose.  And, once I’ve got my own self-image where I want it, a whole range of other consistent actions become natural. 

Have a great week!

Photo credit: By OMCV – Own work, Public Domain

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