Weekly Highlights #5: Ostriches, perspective, investing our time

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you’re having  a great week.

Here’s a few reflections I’ve had from the last few days.

Grateful for…  time 🙂  I was outside at sunrise earlier this week, and I could hear the birds singing, see the tulips blooming, and smell the cool freshness in the air–all the joy of Spring.

On this day, the bird song reminded me of a morning a few years back.  My wife and I were traveling in South Africa, and spent the night at a bed-and-breakfast at an ostrich farm.  We happened to be up early and walked outside.  Every ostrich was spreading their wings, stomping their feet, swinging their necks, spinning in circles and singing!  We asked later, and the owner explained that this was this ostrich’s life dance–they do it every morning, in joy for another day!


Remembering…  tools for feedback and growth.  I write a lot about appreciating feedback, and I thought two ideas I came across last week were helpful.

  • In Adam Grant’s podcast on loving criticism, he mentioned the idea of “Two Scores”.  The first score is how you did on the task itself.  The second score is how you did on reacting to the first score–that is, how well you took the feedback you got.  Of course, once you’re done with the task, the second score is the only one you can impact, and it’s the far more important score for long term success.
  • I read Jeff Bezos’s 2017 shareholder letter, and he spends some time talking about high standards.  One of his key points is that great work takes time–both for personal change, and for great work products.

I have my performance review at work next week–so these topics are on my mind!

Quote I enjoyed… At work, we’re going through the process of writing down our “why” for our customer experience program–how we’ll commit to treat our customers and our teammates.  We’re committing to simple, human actions.  But – we think what we’re doing will make our organization…

“…a truly special place for our patients to receive their care, and for us to invest our lives.”

Small actions, big impact.

Have a great week!


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