Weekly Highlights #6: Space, Excellence, Consistency, Art

Happy Thursday!  Here are a few reflections from my last few days.

Grateful for… space to step back.  I had the chance at work and home to pause and think about the time ahead–through a strategy session at work, a meditation workshop, and a quiet dinner with the wife and no kids.  Welcome space to pause, reflect, and plan.

Quote I’m reflecting on… 

Quote on my office wall


What I’m thinking about… consistency.

Until recently, this quote was on the wall just outside my office.  I must have looked at it a thousand times.  This week, I saw it differently.

During our strategy session at work, we were talking about “no fail” processes within our service organization.  Our enterprise needs to improve.  But, for most people in our enterprise, the problem is not their usual performance, but their occasional shortfall.

So, two points of reflection.

First, it’s liberating to know that, at our best, our performance is more than enough.   At our best, we’re world class, better than could be hoped, on track to exceed our most ambitious goals.

Second, that means the key question is not “How can we be better?”, but instead “What gets in the way of being more consistent?”

I enjoyed…  discovering the mathematical art of Hamid Naderi Yeganeh.  Really fun.

Have a great week!

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