Weekly Highlights #7: Progress, Stress, Emotion

Happy Thursday!

Here’s what I’ve been reflecting on for the past few days…

Grateful for…  PROGRESS.  A few months ago I’d talked about the idea of “signposts” in planning–that is, finding a way to have a visual reminder of your plan and your progress.  We implemented this for our kids recently:  a chart system for behaviors we want to encourage, and a practice of adding a sticker every time they’re successful.  It’s been amazing, and is a good reminder that we all have to find our motivation.  Now, you can hear kids clamoring to be well behaved, because, as they put it,  “I WANT A TACO!!”.

We all need to find our motivation.

Enjoyed…  Kelly McGonical’s TED talk on how to make stress your friend.

I took two big lessons to took from the talk

First, our belief about stress is a big part of how we experience it.  If we believe that the symptoms of stress are a sign that we are preparing to rise to the occasion, we’ll have a healthier, more effective response.

Second, at it’s best, stress can cause us to reach out for help, to open up, to connect with others.  And, when we do this, we won’t experience stress as harmful, or negative.


Quote I appreciated…  This is from Atul Gawande’s commencement address to the graduating class from UCLA’s medical school:

“When people speak, they aren’t just expressing their ideas; they are, even more, expressing their emotions. And it’s the emotions that they really want heard. “

I hope these ideas encourage you for the week ahead.  Take care!




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