Weekly Highlights #13: slowing down, commitments, Unstoppable, inspiration

Grateful for… the chance to slow down.  The last few months feel like they’ve flown by.  If I go outside, it still feels like summer here in Colorado: the sun is shining, the trees are green, the temperature is in the high-80’s–it’s still flip-flops-board-shorts-weather for at least a few more months.  But – at the same time, it’s starting to feel that summer is gone in a flash.  School has started. Pumpkin spice latte’s are on sale in Starbucks.  The neighborhood pool is closed.  I passed Christmas decorations in a store today.  So it also feels like summer, which just started a few weeks ago, is already gone.

And it’s been a great summer!  We’ve seen family, gone on roadtrips, done hikes without the backpacks for the first time, celebrated a 90th birthday, made numerous trips to the pool, splashed in rivers, discovered our neighborhood’s obsession with Independence day, went camping for the first time, experienced a rollerskating rink for the first time, went to the zoo, planted a successful garden, started smoking meat, and generally had an amazing time.  And–it still feels like it’s flown by far too fast.

Summer Sunset in colorful Colorado

So I’m grateful to know how to slow down this race of seasons: reflect, write, take time to be grateful and remember the points along the path.  Seems like a small consolation, but I have really found that it helps–and I’m grateful to all of you, who help hold me accountable to make time for it.

Something I’m thinking about…  A few weeks ago, I competed in the Pikes Peak Ascent–which is normally a half marathon up Pikes Peak:  a 13.1 mile run with 7.8k feet of elevation gain.  The run ended up being cut short because of hail on the summit, but it was still a great adventure.

Reflecting, it’s amazing the amount of exercise I did in the past year because of the commitment to this run.  We first thought of this race almost a year ago, as something unusual and ambitions that we might attempt–literally as we were eating doughnuts instead of working out.  In order to qualify for it, we trained for and finished a half marathon back in February.  Then, in the months leading up to the race, it was a constant reason to find time to get out and train, often with company:  such a powerful lesson in the value of making and keeping commitments.

Looking forward to…  this documentary about Bethany Hamilton.  Already ordered the book for the kids!

Quote I appreciated… attributed to Pablo Picasso:

“Inspiration exists…  but it has to find you working.”

Stay encouraged, and have a good week!

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