The Promoted Version Of You

A common piece of advice in large companies goes like this: “To get promoted, you’ll have to first perform in the job that you want earn.”  Successful work comes before recognition.

Normally, when I hear that, I think that means to work harder, stay longer, and do more.

Recently, I’ve been challenging that story.  Here are some other things you might do:

  • Ask for more.  The promoted version of you (TPVOY) would probably ask for more without worrying about being out of line.  They would have a bigger budget, worry less about exceeding it, and think more about spending in ways that produce value.
  • Go slower.  TPVOY would take time to be intentional.  They would solve problems once, and keep them solved.  They would use words like “To really do this right, we need to….
  • Less meetings, more finished products.  TPVOY would be more scalable.  They would create products and references once that could be used for a long time.  They would probably create them with more simplicity and less effort, but not sweating the small stuff so much.
  • More time really learning the business.  TPVOY would think nothing of the organization making a big investment in their learning and development: for someone at the next level up, that sort of investment would just make sense.
  • More initiative. TPVOY might go first without thinking twice.  They would ask for time on the agenda at important meetings; they would schedule gatherings and know that people would come.  They would update the really important people regularly–the VP, the SVP, the CEO, the Board–because the really important people would be concerned about what they were doing.  They would have a bias for action.
  • More gratitude and more generosity.  TPVOY would take the time to express gratitude, celebrate achievement, and recognize success.  They would find ways to do it that fell more extravagant than expected.

Of course, some of these things don’t work when you’re new in a role.  But – if you’ve been in your role for a while, and you’ve earned some level of trust, maybe it’s time to start acting like the promoted version of you in a few areas.

Stay encouraged as you begin!

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