Blog Update

The four year anniversary of this blog is this month. Always amazes me how the time flies!

I started this blog for two reasons.

First – I wanted a tool for reflection and growth. I’d just finished graduate school and needed a way to keep learning. Writing seemed like the best tool.

Second – I wanted to write on the specific topic of happy, effective work. I am confused that our jobs / careers / vocations — to which we devote so much — are often stressful and unfulfilling. And I felt there was an opportunity through studying this topic to make a positive difference in how people experience their work, starting with myself.

It’s amazing for me to look back at what this project has grown into. I’ve written 110 posts and had my writing read by over one thousand people. I’ve learned more than I expected about myself and others through my own reflection and thinking. I’ve met new people, built new relationships, and had moments of deep encouragement.

All that to say I’ve really enjoyed this project so far.

But I haven’t written much lately. I think there are two reasons.

First – I’ve felt conflicted between the purpose of the site. I started it to be both a personal reflection tool AND a resource for happier work. As a result, I haven’t been very structured or organized about the content I’ve written–so the site is tough to navigate, come back to, and share.

Second – I have trouble committing to being anything–so grouping what I’d like to share into one category, even one as broad as happiness and work, is tough for me. So, when I’m not sure whether it fits, I often don’t share.

So – I’m planning to make a few updates.

  • First – Going forward, this sight will be more focused on tools and insights for happy and effective work. They’ll be grouped into three categories:
    • Effective work practices
    • Happiness & Fulfillment
    • Growth & Change
  • Second – I’ll improve the navigation, so it’s easier to find and come back to tool that are helpful.
  • Third – This site will have less personal reflection unless it’s directly related to happy & effective work. I’m planning to move that to a site with my name, and share updates once per month. When I have that set up, I’ll post an update here if you’d like to subscribe.

Thank you for reading. I continue to find this project to be incredibly gratifying, and I thank you for joining me on it.

Stay encouraged, and have a good week!

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