Enjoy the seasons

I’ve been writing on this blog for over 5 years! The time flies.

I had some time yesterday to take a quiet walk in my neighborhood. It’s fall and the leaves are changing colors. There’s one path a few miles from our house where the trees form a tunnel over the path beside a small lake, and it’s beautiful this time of year.

It reminded me of the biggest lesson I’ve taken from the writing I’ve done here: Appreciate the seasons in life. They come and go quicker than you think, and each has its highlights. Enjoy them 🙂

Fall Path

I went back and re-read that post today. So much has changed… and much is still the same.

I wrote that 3 days before starting my first job after business school. At that time I hadn’t met anyone I work with now, heard of the company I’m currently with, or know about any of the topics I’m currently working on. While the seeds of my current long-term goals were there, my perspective on them has shifted quite a bit. And the life logistics have changed: different house in a different state. Less debt and more income. Three kids now, and our home is even more full of excitement.

That’s the gift of writing: it’s a free time machine. It gives you perspective. You can hear the advice you would give yourself 5 years ago, or listen to the self-talk from another phase of life. You can notice how much you’ve learned and grown–what has changed and what has stayed the same.

May we all take the time to notice and enjoy the seasons as they come, remembering that they pass.

Take care!


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