The Hamilton Project Scope Framework

It’s the time of year when we’re all planning our next set of projects. What shall we tackle in 2022? So many exciting things to do!

Here’s a handy framework to prevent yourself from making your projects too big, inspired by a successful project from the 18th century.

  • Estimate the amount of work you will personally get done
  • Cut what you will do in half: make that the scope for the entire project
  • Recruit several friends to help, each committing to an equal share in the total work. Ideally, at least one would be willing to do the whole project themselves.
  • If you have exceptionally productive friends–think future presidents or Supreme Court justices–expect one that one won’t finish and one’s work won’t be good enough to include
  • Do the work you originally planned–and overdeliver.

If you need catchy music for inspiration, feel free to refer to the source document.

“Non-Stop” from the Hamilton Soundtrack

Happy planning!

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