Tools for Finding Good Work

Hi  – I’m Zac.  I created this website––as my own tool for getting better at work, for moving towards more fulfilling weeks in my own life.

I created this page to share a few practical tools and tips for resume writing, which is often the first step.  I’ve learned a lot from my own journey.  Now, as I’m reviewing other people resumes more and more, I think the lessons I’ve learned could help others–so I’m sharing those ideas here.

If you’d like help writing your resume, you can reach me through Thumbtack, or through the contact form on this site.

If you’d like to hear what I’ve learned about resume writing, I’ve included a few posts below.

If you’re looking for books or resources to help you in your job search, here are a few of my favorites.

  • This article, written for veterans coming to civilian employment, is an incredibly detailed look at leveraging LinkedIn for your job search–highly recommended.
  • 2-Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton is a quick overview of using technology effectively in your job search.
  • VMOCK is a resume analytics platform, used by educational institutions
  • What Should I Do With My Life by Po Bronson is an incredibly detailed and encouraging look at the career journeys of interesting people.

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Most importantly, I wish you the best in your journey toward fulfilling work, and I’d ask you to stay encouraged along the path you find.  Take care!