Incredible Encouragement

What a day!

Today* my wife received an incredible boost of encouragement.  A project she was been working with for a long time wrapped up, and it turned out WAY better than she every could have expected.

You see, it’d been a group project with difficult team dynamics.  There’d been a few side tangents, some friction around assembling the final presentation, some setbacks along the way.  For a lot of the draft sessions, it felt like her work wasn’t going to contribute well to the final deliverable.

But it turned out that the hard work she’d been putting in throughout the project paid off.  She built an incredible relationship through several really focused calls with the client, and answered a ton of questions that were central to their business.  Because she’d explored so many paths in coming to the outcome, she was able to address a few issues they hadn’t thought to ask, but cared deeply about, and that will add huge value to their work.

And the feedback was incredibly encouraging.  So positive that it made 21 months of work that she’d put in leading up to this point suddenly seem worthwhile.  It made her feel appreciated and confident in the value she provides like she hadn’t in a very long time.  What a day!


*Actually, it wasn’t today.  It happened months ago.  One of the big reasons I write this blog is to have perspective–to be reminded that some of the short term emotional highs and lows are fleeting.  That I need to stay encouraged and keep moving forward, and not be derailed by some of those peaks and troughs along the way.

So I post this thought today so that I remember that encouragement can come at unexpected moments, and that the hard work in the midst of frustration and uncertainty is what produces those wonderful, uplifting victories.





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