Happy New Year!

2020 was quite a year! Lots happened, lots to process, and I feel like we’re still all making sense of it of much of it.

On January 1st, I spent some time thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I started. by going back and reading my journal from 2020.

Some of the first entries, in early January 2020, were things that are STILL on my to-do list, not yet done.

OOOF. It didn’t feel good to realize that.

One of the items I have literally copied onto my to do list 52 times over the last year, and haven’t gotten it done. Ouch.

So – my resolution / hope / goal for 2021 is more finished projects.

Here are the two changes I’m making:

– 1. No goals without running trackers. I’ve noticed before the difference having a visual indicator of progress can make. So – I’m resolving to create a spreadsheet to track any goal I have. Last year I tracked events I was worried about and amount given to charity. This year I’m also tracking workouts, miles run, an completed projects.

2. More risks, less perfectionism. A lot of the projects that I don’t make progress on are places where I feel like I need a big effort to start. But – for everything – done and imperfect is better than perfect and incomplete. So – I’m working to remember that for my projects this year.

3. Small projects, more pivots. I’m going to work to have more willingness to shift course after a finished project that didn’t go the way I wanted.

Feels a little funny writing this, since I think all these are basic lessons I should have learned a while ago. But – late is better than never.

The areas of my life I’m most interested in changing are some of the same areas I’ve been working on for a while: more fit, growing technical programming skills, more present with more fulfilling experiences with my family, etc. Looking forward to making more progress on these this year.

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