Happy Thanksgiving

I hope this holiday finds you with much to be grateful for!

Our family has hosted au pairs for the last 5 years to help us care for our children. A fun part of that experience is celebrating American holidays with someone for the first time.

Thanksgiving is always my favorite holiday to explain. As far as I know, other countries don’t have a day simply dedicated to giving thanks. And the origins are fascinating–the pilgrims in New England, the declaration by George Washington, the tradition Abraham Lincoln began of an annual holiday.

Here’s two conflicting thoughts I’m reflecting on this year.

First – Gratitude doesn’t always come easily for me, particularly in the midst of troubles. For myself, I know that when I’m not feeling grateful, I don’t like being reminded that I have much to be thankful for. And it’s been a tough year. There’s a lot of sickness, hardship, change, and loss that everyone is dealing with.

SecondWe’re all living in a gift, and tough times remind us that’s the case. It’s easier to remember this year, but each day / minute / new breath is not promised. So we should savor it, enjoy it, and be grateful for it.

Something I’ve noticed with myself and gifts: I don’t appreciate them in the moment. A good gift is always different than I’d expect, with timing I wouldn’t have chosen. It takes me time to begin to understand what I’ve been given–often years or decades. Noticing this is helping me savor and enjoy all the blessings I have to be grateful for, especially in 2020.

A few readings I’m appreciating this time of year:

  • “With Saying” (link)
  • Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Proclamation (link)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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