Simple Exercise for Handling Change

I attended a workshop last week with David Morelli on the “Neuroscience of Change.”  I wanted to share a simple exercise from that session on processing ambiguity.

“When we face uncertainty, we fill it in with our fears.”

These steps are designed to help us build helpful connections within our brains, so that we can handle challenges productively.

Here’s the exercise:

  • Think about time when you handled change really well.  Describe the situation.  Why did things go so well?
  • Share this moment in a conversation with a friend.
  • Now, consider how that situation is like what you’re currently going through.  What is common between the two moments?  How are they similar?
  • Share your reflection with a friend, and listen to their reflections.
  • Write down what you learned.

By doing this simple exercise, you’re building a connection between those two situations in your mind:  in a small way, you’re rewiring your brain to handle this situation better.

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

This works because your brain is a machine where the software writes the hardware.  Over time, our intentions build the neural pathways to bring themselves into reality.

I thought it was a great exercise, and an important reminder as we face the challenges in our lives.

Stay encouraged!

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