Strategies for Gratitude

I know I should be more grateful.  Science shows that thankfulness makes us healthier, happier, stronger, and improves our relationships.

So when I sit down to my journal in the morning, I try to answer the question: “What am I grateful for?”

And, despite all the abundance in my life, I struggle.  When I’m tired, or grouchy, or busy, I find it difficult to be grateful.

So – here are some questions I’m using as better ways to tap into the gratitude and abundance in my life.

  • What was worth savoring today?  What great moments do I want to hold on to?
  • What hidden thing worked magically well?  What tough-to-notice story or well-designed object was worth remembering?
  • What small-world moment did I notice today?  What was connected over space and time in a way that I did not expect?
  • What about today was I not promised?  What was an unexpected gift that I received but didn’t earn?
This is an out of the way place in the world that always fills me with gratitude

I found a few resources helpful on this topic lately:

I hope these questions can encourage you in your day!




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