Feedback and Growth

I had a few interactions with emotion this week.  Early in the week I had the opportunity to receive some constructive feedback on my own behavior.  Then, later in the week, I had to give feedback to one of my teammates.

I’m always amazed by how difficult feedback can be to receive.  There is so much emotion associated with our work and personal lives.  We pour so much of ourselves into these parts of our day, so naturally we want to know that we’re doing well.

And if we knew we weren’t doing well, we would have already fixed the issue.  So feedback always catches us off guard, always makes us uncomfortable, always comes paired with emotion.

But how can you grow without it?

At the same time I’m thinking about this on a professional level, I have the complete joy of watching my two beautiful kids, currently 27 months and 9 months old.  They are so fun!  My evenings are filled with scattered toys, raw emotion, and the fascinating little moments of life.


This evening I spent 20 minutes in a negotiation with my son about eating a vitamin, and I won when I offered to let him play with an old hotel key card.

So my point is this: growth isn’t pretty.   It’s going to be awkward, full of emotion, and tough.  You’ll need patience and a great a sense of humor.

And if you’re in the middle of a period of growth–forgive yourself.

But the result will be incredible.  There is nothing that can compare to the joy of seeing a person grow, expand their capabilities, become more tomorrow than they are today.

So welcome it.  Even when it’s tough.




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