Consistency vs. Improvement

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: CONSISTENCY.

We’re working on a large behavior change initiative at work. And personally, there are areas of my life that I’m working on changing–workout out more, being more intentional with my kids, etc.

The first thing I think about on these topics is IMPROVEMENT. Questions that come to my mind are:

  • How can I learn to do better with these areas?
  • How can I start something new that will be an improvement?

But, as I’ve been reflecting, I’ve realized that the problem is more about consistency.

At my best, I do a great job with these areas. On good days, the teams at work are doing an amazing job. When I’m organized and well rested, everything at home falls into place.

So the question I’m trying to focus on instead is this: “What gets in the way of being more consistent?”

I recently read Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard. There was an interesting section on “Solutions Focused Coaching”, which proposed two questions to clarify your thinking around consistency.

  • Miracle Question: Imagine that you wake up tomorrow, and during the night, you have been miraculous cured of this problem. What tangible things would be different? What would be the first small sign that this miracle had happened?
  • Exception Question: When was the last time you saw, even for a moment, a small sign of this miracle in yourself? What conditions allowed this to happen? What behaviors made it possible?

The behaviors and ideas that come out of these questions can be:

  • good places to start–because they are the first small signs of the miracle
  • workable–because they are already happening

I hope this helps you tackle consistency in your life and work. Take care!

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