Weekly Highlights #14: aspen stroll, easy plans, a dreary beautiful reminder

Grateful for… a stroll in the aspen trees.  We were able to hike in Maroon Bells scenic area, and the fall colors are at their peak.  It was a beautiful reminder of the changing seasons–something that I am learning to appreciate more and more each year.  

Peak season for the aspen trees

Enjoyed… This article on the value of walking by Brad Stuhlberg, at Outside magazine.  Good reminder that the best exercise is what you are able to do consistently, and that simply walking is enough.

Impressed by… the power of an easy plan.  I’ve been wanting to improve our family’s finances for a while, so I came up with a 7-Point Plan to address them.  It’s a list which looks at our largest expenses, with a straightforward step to improve each.  I’ll update my progress here.

But – as I start, I’ve been amazed at the energy I feel in implementing a simple plan.  It’s easy for me to make things more complicated, to fail to track my progress, or to hesitate in the midst of complexity.  Having a clear, straightforward plan is really fun, and I’ll have to try it more often 🙂

Appreciated…  a stop in the Peter Lik Gallery in Aspen.  We were exploring a new place, and have always loved his photos (which are better in person!).  The one that jumped out this time was a dreary photo of a familiar place–a walkway in Central Park in New York City.  I know what cold, wet, New York mornings feel like–so I’m not surprised that no one is in the photo.  It was a good reminder how easy it can be to miss the magic–that that beauty can be anywhere, as long as we’re willing to have the time and patience to appreciate it.

Stay encouraged, and have a good week!

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